iPhone Wish List

BusinessWeek writer Arik Hesseldahl has a good story about the speculation and rumors related to the unannounced Apple iPhone in which he lists his Wish List for the iPhone.

  • Music Downloads
  • Sharing Music
  • iTunes Ringtones
  • Portable iApps
  • Photos and Video
  • Super Headphones
  • Data Storage
  • Support for Third-Party Software

This is a pretty good list and I agree with all of them except sharing music. I like the idea of sharing music, but I don’t think the bluetooth in most mobile phones is a good way to transfer music files. I think if I had to add to this list I would add the following items.

  • Great User Interface
  • Good Mac & PC Syncing
  • USB & Bluetooth Syncing

Do you agree with Arik Hessldahl’s list? What would you add or subtract to your iPhone wishlist?


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