iPhone Wish List


BusinessWeek writer Arik Hesseldahl has a good story about the speculation and rumors related to the unannounced Apple iPhone in which he lists his Wish List for the iPhone.

  • Music Downloads
  • Sharing Music
  • iTunes Ringtones
  • Portable iApps
  • Photos and Video
  • Super Headphones
  • Data Storage
  • Support for Third-Party Software

This is a pretty good list and I agree with all of them except sharing music. I like the idea of sharing music, but I don’t think the bluetooth in most mobile phones is a good way to transfer music files. I think if I had to add to this list I would add the following items.

  • Great User Interface
  • Good Mac & PC Syncing
  • USB & Bluetooth Syncing

Do you agree with Arik Hessldahl’s list? What would you add or subtract to your iPhone wishlist?



One nice think my old Sanyo phone had was the ability to schedule a call… I would be nice for the calandar app when it pops up an alarm for a meeting/etc, to be able to click-call a telephone number embedded in the call, INCLUDING controls to delay dialing for conf calls. This would make the calendar app WAY cool for us road warriors.


Forgot this one…. KILLER feature..

A one click method to switch wifi on or off. Having to go via Settings->Wi-Fi is a pain in the bum.


Separate usage data for calls made vs received… This is important if you only have 200 inclusive minutes.
A “.co.uk” button for UK keyboard
ebook reader
Volume control for key clicks
Some games
Full length ringtones

Andrew Leitch

I’d like apple to release two phones:

1) Simple ‘candybar’ design with an iSync client that will sync with iTunes over ubs, iPhoto over usb or bluetooth and Address Book and iCal over usb, bluetooth or gprs. Headphones modeled on the current iPod headphones and last but not least. The tried and tested Dock connector so that we can still use all our firewire and usb cables and not have to worry about buying more chargers.

2) A QWERTY based smartphone with all of the above plus push e-mail and a web browser capable of showing www webpages well.

A really right .Mac integration would be very good for both of these phones and i hope that most of the things on my list are put in the final product.


don’t care about music. but i want sync, bluetooth, totally unlocked and to be a true world phone. buy a sim card, put it in, phoene worl wie. and be able to sync wth ical and adress book. a beauty! i will buy..


I trust in Jobs ideas for fluidity in a product so if the aforementioned specs are true the iPhone should perform to our expectations just as the iPods do. To the list I would only add a manual switcher between ringer and vibrate mode.

Todd Baur

All this talk about a device that no one knows exists, yet we’re all so sure it is fact. Has anyone stopped for one second to think that the talk in the patent about it being an input device has everything to do with iTV? A real product that has been announced and will ship in in eight or so weeks?

Sure the patents specifically says ‘the device is also a cell phone’ but I really doubt Apple would do this without heavily incorporating the iLife strategy into such a thing.


good price as a first request is my dream. in addition, i think apple should add some option more than windows based mobile phones option.


My votes:
– Bluetooth syncing without having to hope and pray it works (I know this is a given, but how fantastic would it be not to have to look at the iSync supported phone list ever again!!)

– Good reception (have returned too many in the last 2 years because of this)

– Available through Sprint (highly unlikely thier phones do not use SIM chips)

– MP3 ringtones (from my music collection!)

-be priced under $300. I’m too hard on cell phones to justify a $600 phone.

Ok, dream over.
I just hope it doesn’t stink as bad as the Motorola mess.


I think a great UI is a given, this is Apple we are talking about. That is of course if they are not restricted by the providers.


Take an iPod Nano (2nd Gen), add a phone with great reception and clarity, release the damn thing. I will be happy. I just want one device. I don’t need anything other than a solid reliable phone with a solid reliable iPod, and Bluetooth 2.0.

Jeff Durland

I don’t care about music downloads. I have an iPod. I don’t care about sharing music. I don’t care about video.

All I want is a phone that has a pleasing, intuitive, functional OS that syncs with my Mac. It’s really surprising that no one in the phone world has even come close to achieving that.

It would be nice if the form factor was cool (I assume that’s a given), if it ran some sort of mini-OS X, and if it synced via Bluetooth, but these things are way secondary to the OS.


I agree with OM and Richard Neal about features.

Music downloads would be nice but if they are much more than 99¢, then forget it. Ringtones that didn’t cost much either would be sweet too. I don’t care much about the photo part right now… video might be nice…

A decent camera is a MUST. 2+ megapixels, so I don’t have to carry my camera around all the time.

Oh, and a large amount of storage that I can store files.


my vote goes for:

– good reception

– full integration with iSync (with the ability to use your phone as a bluetooth modem, i currently have this with my BB Pearl and it has saved me in situations with no wi-fi access)

– typical MAC themed smartphone (icons and functionality wise)

– personally, i don’t care about sharing my music and don’t care about listening to shared music…but read below

– wi-fi with full bonjour support so if i’m on my home/business network i can print to a bonjour printer, look for shared iTunes libraries, etc.

– .MAC integration, update bookmarks, address book, etc virtually so my system can be updating while i’m not there. this is pretty much in place with other services (virtual synchronization) but imagine being able to sync your .MAC data with your phone wirelessly. the bridge to doing this with ease is .MAC

– typical iPod Nano functionality. i like the idea of the device having two batteries one for the iPod one for the phone. nice move apple.

– as far as headphones, i would not be surprised to see typical iPod headphones with a microphone attached.

– iPhoto synchronization through iSync would be nice too. any ideas on camera type? i’m saying 2.3MP on the camera if included. i know some manufacturers are releasing a line of phones with no camera but i tried the Nokia E61 and BB 7100G route and it lasted a week and i’m tons happy with the BB Pearl.

can’t wait but this would be the only thing that would be able to drag me away from the BB Pearl right now. that and we’re having a baby in a month and $250 – $400 is a lot of diapers.



How about a phone (not a Palm or Windows based) that sounds great, decent battery life, that Sprint caries and that can easily and accurately iSync with AddresssBook and iCal. Currently, that phone doesn’t exist…

If it looks sweet, and has a killer OS, bonus – table stakes coming from Apple as far as I’m concerned. Tired of phones becoming bloated and problematic. I have a camera(that’s much better than any phone could have). I have an iPod(2x). I need a Mac-friendly phone. Period.

Richard Neal

I think Super Headphones are pretty unlikely, the iPod headphones have become so ubiquitous that it wouldn’t make sense to scratch that. I say regular iPod headphones with a discreet microphone in them. I’d add integration with all networks without using their sucktastic UI’s (cough *Verizon* cough).

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