Friday’s question: have you ever “struck out” with a device?


Motorola_q_1I mean in the real sense as in: "one, two, three strikes; you’re out!" Earlier this week, jkOTR reader Mike shot me a note to share his strike-out story with the Motorola Q. Here’s the summary:

Mike had "a recurring issue I have been having with my MotoQ. The first one I had after 2-3 months it started acting funky. The second one after 2-3 months started having THE SAME ISSUE. And then the third one I got today I programmed it and set it up on my account and then turned it off and when I turned it back on it just sat at the Verizon Wireless screen for ever."

Mike has contacted Verizon directly and will be getting a new MotoQ and I hope this one works out better. Mike also has more patience than I do as I rely on my computing devices for my work, not just for fun; I’d probably give the Q a shot or two, but not more than that because the downtime is just too much of an impact.

How about you? Any similar issues with your Moto Q? Would you drop a device after the first, second or third strike? Got any device horror stories to share?



Thomas Schares

If you are even considering buying from Averatec. contact me. It is simply been the worst ongoing horror aside from a divorce but almost as costly.


The VZW Sync software seems to be the problem with the Q (at least those that I’ve been having). Once I uninstalled it, all the flakyness went away. FWIW.


I’ve had the Q from the moment it hit the streets. It was a replacement for a very under-powered Cingular 8125.

Where the 8125 failed, mainly in proxy settings that had to be modified for web surfing unless you were purchasing ringtones from Cingular and in far too many failed and dropped calls (I’m in the DC metro area), the Q succeeded.

Unfortunately, the Q’s buttons are very sensitive. Just sliding it in its case (I’ve had 2, one Verizon-branded and the other Motorola) will hit keys and resulted in some calls being placed. So I have to lock the keyboard, which in and of itself is probably a smart idea any way. It’s just a paradigm shift for me because I had a Moto StarTac, then a Moto V60c, a Nokia 5100 [which suprisingly had unresponsive keys), a Moto RAZR, and then the 8125.

The other annoying thing I’ve been seeing with the Q is that MMS seems to start up for no reason. (I have no texting or emaili plan of any sort–the Q is for light surfing itself, or connecting the Q1 to the web.)

Right now the camera has been locking up when I take pictures or movies. And the only fix has been to take the battery out.

Overall the Q is a great phone, and a definite improvement over the 8125. But I have been giving thought, due to the little annoyances, to trying out the 6700 and selling the Q on eBay. (Which means 2 docking cradles, an extended battery, 2 cases, a blue enclosure, and some screen protectors.)

Then again, the 8525 jut came out, so maybe Sprint or VerizonWireless will have an upgrade to the 6700 soon, and I should just wait!


Big Wes

Averatec C3500…Overheating problems…Failed CMOS battery after only 4 months…Returned to manufacturer for refund…enough said!

Dennis Rice

You’re scaring me Kevin, I just got a MotoQ. So far I love it, but had to get a couple of utilities to address WM5 shortcomings.

I’ll report back in a few months though!

Chris Magnusson

“Got any device horror stories to share?”

Tecra M4: Recently started locking up – no keyboard, mouse, touch pad, touch stick or stylus functionality. The only way to correct it is to power it down then back up, and then only if it feels like powering back up right away – it has sometimes wanted “me time” for eight hours before it will boot again.

I figure it’s either a loose video cable, or the heatsink on the CPU has come a tiny bit loose on one corner, or likely both.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to get the extended warranty. Now I just need the time to have someone look at it.


I have the Q also, though I’m reluctant to post since I just passed the 3 month mark with no issues.

As far as the ‘Three Strikes’ – I have dumped PDAs back in the day after one or two issues because I couldn’t risk not having access to my data when on the road. Lately, I’ve had better luck and only switch due to techno-lust… I mean business need, of course.


I have the Motorola Q which worked fine for 2-3 months and then started having similar problems. I just got the xv6700 on e-bay and this seems like a real winner. Next time I’m going to stick with Kevin’s suggestions. I did that with the Q1 and it has been great.

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