Friday’s question: have you ever “struck out” with a device?

Motorola_q_1I mean in the real sense as in: "one, two, three strikes; you’re out!" Earlier this week, jkOTR reader Mike shot me a note to share his strike-out story with the Motorola Q. Here’s the summary:

Mike had "a recurring issue I have been having with my MotoQ. The first one I had after 2-3 months it started acting funky. The second one after 2-3 months started having THE SAME ISSUE. And then the third one I got today I programmed it and set it up on my account and then turned it off and when I turned it back on it just sat at the Verizon Wireless screen for ever."

Mike has contacted Verizon directly and will be getting a new MotoQ and I hope this one works out better. Mike also has more patience than I do as I rely on my computing devices for my work, not just for fun; I’d probably give the Q a shot or two, but not more than that because the downtime is just too much of an impact.

How about you? Any similar issues with your Moto Q? Would you drop a device after the first, second or third strike? Got any device horror stories to share?

[Sidenote: congrats to Mike and his wife as their second baby was just born last night. Best wishes on the new addition…now go get a mobile device for that baby and some sleep for yourself Mike!]


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