Fox News comes calling on Mobile Tech Manor


My day has been all jumbled up today as Fox News came calling here at Mobile Tech Manor for their Real Life series that appears on Monday mornings on the Fox 26 news affiliate in Houston.  They are all interested in the growing phenomenon of unboxing videos that are appearing all over the web and who better to turn to for the inside scoop than yours truly.  Kevin and I have done a few of the unboxing videos and Fox wanted to find out why they are so popular with fans.  The show should be aired either next Monday or the one after that between 8 am and 9 am CST and will eventually be posted online.  I’ll be sure and link to it when it’s posted.  Here’s the crew in action:



Code E

That camera looks really big. I’m surprised it made it threw the mobile tech manor security. I would hate to see non-mobile tech infect the rest. I suppose to except was made for Fox news. ;)

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