Cingular 8525 getting Push-to-Talk in ’07


8125500xqwertyI must have missed this development on the Cingular 8525 Windows Mobile smartphone, but a recent device review at Pocket PC Thoughts pointed it out. Apparently, the 8525 will get Push-to-Talk capability sometime early next year. Clinton Fitch shares his thoughts and the news in the review and was very impressed with the device responsiveness and camera. Remember that the 8525 bumped up the specs over it’s predecessor, the 8125, in these areas. Instead of a TI OMAP processor at 200 MHz, the 8525 runs on a 400 MHz Samsung chip, while the camera CMOS is boosted from 1.3 Megapixels to 2 MP.

Looks like a very strong smartphone when you also factor in HSDPA support and the integrated QWERTY keyboard; if Push-to-Talk is a "must have", looks like the Cingular 8525 will be a winner for you.


Dave Zatz

You didn’t miss it – I distinctly recall chatting with you about it in email. You’re getting old, buddy!

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