Brightcove Adds User-gen Uploads


Brightcove this week announced the beta release of a feature that lets Brightcove users accept user-generated videos. Theoretically, this means anyone using Brightcove to host their video site could become a mini-YouTube, albeit with editorial control over submissions.

We haven’t played with the code yet, but according to an email sent to Brightcove users, the feature will accept uploads in a wide range of formats (3GP, AVI, DV, QuickTime, WMV and MPEG2 and 4, among others) and then Brightcove’s servers will encode the submissions into Flash for use by the Brightcove Console (the editing platform for Brightcove’s service, which right now mainly supports Flash material). Brightcove users can then incorporate the uploaded videos into their channel, just like their own uploaded material.

For a look at the beta upload in action, visit WheelsTV.

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