Afternoon Surf: Blip Reboots

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Blip to Reboot: Some new changes afoot at Blip.TV, including automatic syndication to other media sites and some new advertising tools, are previewed here by Light Reading’s Phil Harvey, who spends a lot of time writing about online video instead of Networking the Telecom Industry. Not that we mind! According to the Blip Blog, the changes are supposed to go live this weekend.

Sen. Specter Pays Too Much for NFL: Never make a football fan mad, especially when he’s a U.S. Senator; that’s the opponent the National Football League is facing, according to David Hatch of the National Journal, who says Arlen Specter, R-Pa., is readying legislation designed to sack the NFL’s exclusive broadcasting rights. Hey, if it means watching da Bears instead of duh Raiders without a satellite contract, we’re all for it.

Real Men Knit: Just in time for chilly winter, a nice new hat… knitted by a man.

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