A Satirical look at a Web Workers day


Everyone envies web workers. Sleep in, wear what you want, and slipper it to the home office to check email, then take a trip to the local Starbucks to read the paper and pretend to do work on the laptop. Follow me on a not so typical web workers day.

8:01am – The day starts off with a Blackberry message. “SERVERS DOWN!! INFO MIGHT BE LOST”.

8:02am – Call from friend to let you know it was only an early morning wake up call. “Wake up you you lazy B#@$*&!” Ahh.. He’s just jealous anyway.

8:20am – Saunter to the kitchen to start making a gourmet omelet and freshly squeezed OJ.

9:00am – Read email to see if there is any need to damage control. Nothing too major, time to move along.

9:15am – Throw on some clothes, and head out to the local cafe for some caffeine and a morning snack.

9:45am – After sitting comfortably in the corner with your laptop pretending to work (you are actually checking up on some eBay bids, and new online deals), you overhear an interesting conversation and decide to join in, with welcome arms of course, because it is between two fellow web workers.

11:00am – After a coffee, latte, a juice, muffin, and a cookie, its time to leave after we check email one last time.

11:30am – Back at the home office, you make a few calls and settle into the Aeron chair you picked up at a good rate from an eBay auction to get some work done.

12:35pm – Oh ya. Time for a “lunch meeting”.

1:00pm – Today is sushi meeting day. You gather with your “associates” to plan and evaluate business decisions.

2:45pm – Time to leave and get back to the daily grind.

3:00pm – Back to checking emails, with some work in-between.

4:00pm – Urgent call from contractor, something might have to be switched that wasn’t in the budget. Time for an urgent meeting.

4:20pm – Finally secured a strong open wireless connection. Turned out to be nothing too important, and everything is going as plan, and on budget.

4:45pm – Back to emails and development.

6:00pm – Significant other walks in the door. Time to make a gourmet dinner? Or dine out? Let’s go out.

6:30pm – Secretly check emails on Blackberry under table while waiting for main course.

7:30pm – Hey! Let’s go see a movie. Check movie status on wireless device.

10:45pm – Movie was pretty good, and it had some boring parts that we filled with email checking. Time to go check some emails and get some work done at the home office now.

12:30am – YAwwwn. Ok tired. Time to hit the hay and get ready for the next day.

And that is a typical web workers day. Seriously. Have a good weekend all!



Damnit, its too cold here in Toronto to live such a luxurious lifestyle! ;) Cabin fever for web workers = more personal projects = more work!


I’m a web worker as a second (and third) job so my schedule is a bit more hectic… maybe. I’m just now realizing how much coffee I actually do drink in a day.


I hardly ever see other humans besides my wife. Maybe a rare lunch meeting and then going out to dinner.


This imaginary day has a shocking amount of interaction with Real People(tm). I do get to have a good breakfast and spend the better part of the day in the flannel jammies, but all that running around to coffee houses and restaurants? Nope, not so much so. I’m actually pretty psyched when I have in person meetings just to mix it up some.


Typical? I must be working at the wrong office. Here’s my routine:

6:45am – Arrive at office. Read news feeds and email.

7:30am – Start working on projects.

11:30am – Lunch

Noon – Back to work

3:15pm – Miller time, see ya’ll tomorrow.


LOL…so true, so true! Don’t forget to occasionally talk to yourself so that others around you wil lthink that you are so overwhelmed with work that you’re delirious!

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