The Yahoo Fallout, Cont.


Lloyd BraunNothing like a big executive house-cleaning to bring out the dirty-laundry stories. This one from AP reads a bit at times like an apology for Lloyd Braun (and why bury the Michael Eisner quotes ’til the end?), but later on it does even things out by questioning Braun’s strategy of broadcast-type programming for the Web. Don’t miss the close, where Veoh’s Dmitry Shapiro gets in a kick while the Yahoo is down. The money quote:

”Frankly I’m surprised it took Yahoo so long to make this decision,” said Dmitry Shapiro, chief executive of video startup Veoh Networks Inc. ”I think it’s been known for at least a year, with the success of YouTube and hundreds of media aggregator players like Veoh that are jumping into the game, that this is the way it should be done. But large companies move slowly.”

Whoa! But isn’t “the success of YouTube and hundreds of media aggregator players” kind of like saying “between me and Barry Bonds, we have 734 homers, and together we make more than $16 million a year”? :-)

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