Starbucks- eco friendly?

I spend my fair share of time in Starbucks.  Like many members of the mobile workforce I use them as my mobile office between meetings.  It can get a little annoying at times if the store has the music playing too loudly to make phone calls and especially so if the employees are playing "lets see who can make the most noise" which they do from time to time.  Even so, the coffee is pretty good and the WiFi is even better so I usually make it into one of their locations every day, sometimes more than once.  Every store is different and over time you get your favorites, usually it’s a case of the floor layout and how easy it makes it to set up and get some work done.  My very favorite store has such a layout and is usually pretty quiet so I can really be productive while I’m there.

I do think that Starbucks tends to go a little overboard in their "we’re friends with the eco-system" propaganda.  I think just about everything in their store proudly proclaims to be made from recyclable paper.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that but today when I went to leave my favorite store I was confronted with a parking lot full of that recyclable Starbucks garbage.  I realize it’s their customers who must be throwing trash out there but if you’re going to make a big deal out of loving the environment it does look pretty ironic when you have this in front of the store:



That’s Sally, my 1997 Mustang GT convertible BTW.  Don’t her new shoes look nice?


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