Starbucks- eco friendly?


I spend my fair share of time in Starbucks.  Like many members of the mobile workforce I use them as my mobile office between meetings.  It can get a little annoying at times if the store has the music playing too loudly to make phone calls and especially so if the employees are playing "lets see who can make the most noise" which they do from time to time.  Even so, the coffee is pretty good and the WiFi is even better so I usually make it into one of their locations every day, sometimes more than once.  Every store is different and over time you get your favorites, usually it’s a case of the floor layout and how easy it makes it to set up and get some work done.  My very favorite store has such a layout and is usually pretty quiet so I can really be productive while I’m there.

I do think that Starbucks tends to go a little overboard in their "we’re friends with the eco-system" propaganda.  I think just about everything in their store proudly proclaims to be made from recyclable paper.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that but today when I went to leave my favorite store I was confronted with a parking lot full of that recyclable Starbucks garbage.  I realize it’s their customers who must be throwing trash out there but if you’re going to make a big deal out of loving the environment it does look pretty ironic when you have this in front of the store:

Image_00014 Image_00015

That’s Sally, my 1997 Mustang GT convertible BTW.  Don’t her new shoes look nice?


Robert Burdock

I never, ever, ever, ever use Starbucks as a matter of principle. No matter what eco-friendly measures they implement in order to tempt ‘greenies’ like me to cross their threshold, they can never shake off the fact that they are one of the top aggressive globalising companies in the world. Call me cynical but they only market an eco-friendly ‘policy’ to play up to the present green trend.

You seem to like the idea of every Starbucks being different James. Well if variety’s your bag then why not drive right past StarSucks and go hand your $$$’s over the counter at one of the small independent coffee houses that will end up getting pushed out of business by these bullies. Aside from getting your fill of variety you’ll be assured that any ‘eco-friendly’ policy that’s been implemented has more to do with the company giving a damn.

Sorry to get all political James but you did kind of solicit for opinion :o)


Yeah, they could do more. But it’s time to applaud rather than denigrate. If every company did just a little, imagine the impact. Write to corporate headquarters — applaud them for what they have done and suggest more. Tell them that their eco-friendliness gets your dollars and you’ll see more.


If they were eco-friendly, they’d be asking you if your drink was for here or to-go… and only use the disposable cups/lids/sleeves when you actually want to take it with you. And they wouldn’t be trying to put their cakes into a paper bag, usually quickly turning the content into a sticky mess in the process…

(needless to say, I visit them anyway if there’s no alternative… just need my caffein)

Michael Venini

You did that story just to show off Sally! :)

I agree with you 100%. They should be cleaning that up outside.

Tax Man

Sally sure is pretty! I love Mustangs. However, my new ride is a Land Rover LR3. Offroad anyone?

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