Read RSS feeds in 3D with UniveRSS for Vista



There’s some things that just go together. Take chocolate and peanut butter for example, or coffee and cream, or Dave Winer and RSS. OK, maybe that combo isn’t a tasty morsel, but it is a formidable force in the way we consume content. Today in typical Dave fashion, he blogged "UniveRSS is a "3D RSS feed reader for Windows Vista." so I just had to check it out.

UniveRSS takes advantage of the new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) you’ll see in Vista and looks stellar. I haven’t installed it just yet, but when I get some time, I’ll throw this on my Vista partition and give it a look-see. In the meantime, here’s a Kevin Textual Description (KTD):

Img_universs2Each of your RSS feeds are represented in the graphical universe as rotating cubes: the bigger the cube, the more info, i.e.: unread news, there is. If you rotate a specific cube, the face will contain the feed content, pictures and such. Right clicking your mouse brings you back away from the cube into your RSS universe….or your UniveRSS, whichever you prefer. It’s recommended to have a Windows Vista Premium device to handle this strange new world. While this might appear as an "eye-candy" type of app, new ways to navigate information help bring efficiencies and functions we didn’t have previously, so let’s see where this UniveRSS takes us! Personally, I’d like to see little "meteors" of information sent to the appropriate cube when a feed has new items…then again, I like chocolate and peanut butter.


Mike Walts

Looks neat.

A feature that I think would be even better then comets of information would be the ability to link rss feeds by elastic lines. You could use these to group them into clusters(solar systems?) for things like global events, local news, tech news etc.

Ryan Rinaldi

Whoops, I mis-spoke (mis-typed?). This application is, indeed, only for Vista, but the framework (WPF) is not Vista only.

Ryan Rinaldi

Just so you know, WPF isn’t only on Vista. It’s a part of .NET 3.0 which is available also on XP. There are certain features of WPF that only will work on Vista, but WPF was designed to degrade gracefully and still run on XP.

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