Pluggd, Perfect, Please


NewTeeVee has a post about Seattle-based audio-and-video search start-up, Pluggd, which has raised $1.65 million from Intel and angel investors. VentureBeat, which first wrote about the company says that Pluggd has “‘perfected the user experience’ for audio and visual search.”

Now we all know, perfection is subjective, but still is a pretty strong word, one that makes even Cornelius Willis, CMO of the company nervous.

I was also a little startled when I saw the word “perfected”. For the record, we believe we’ve done a better job on user experience for media search than anyone to date, but we’re not done, and we’re going to continue to work like crazy to make it even more easy and intuitive.

Anyway if you are so inclined, Liz’s post is worth checking out.



Hello guys! I have some questions. I mean need some help.
Where i can read more about this problema?
Please, don’t derect me to i know about it.
Please derect me with some links.


I came.. i saw.. i left..

I consider myself being pretty online experienced, sorry that GUI didn’t make any sense at all? i don’t even get what it’s about, please “google” design it a little bit, i am sure it’s something interesting (Hey getting featured by Matt and Om aint bad so have to be something), just don’t have 10 minutes trying to figure out what the website is about.

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