Metacafe Rumors Still Swirling

TechCrunch runs a rumor that Metacafe is being sold. We’ve been hearing about this for the past few weeks, but never from a source with first-hand knowledge of the deal. Both Metacafe and Yahoo, the rumored buyer, deny it up and down. TechCrunch’s Natali Del Conte hears the price at $200 to $300 million. The most common number we heard quoted was $700 million.

Update: Israeli news site, YNet reports that there is a sale pending, without offering up any details. Our sources say that while the company might have talked to a few suitors (who hasn’t), the deal is far from closing. We checked in with CEO Arik Czerniak who declined to comment.

Still, one cannot deny the fact that something is up, and we will be tracking this story closely. In a poll following the acquisition of Grouper, we asked GigaOM readers who was the most likely company to be bought. Nearly 55% said YouTube, while 16% said it would be Guba. Metacafe got 10% of the total 912 votes.