Metacafe rumored to be in buyout talks


TechCrunch runs a rumor that Metacafe is being sold. We’ve been hearing about this for the past few weeks, but never from a source with first-hand knowledge of the deal. Both Metacafe and Yahoo, the rumored buyer, deny it up and down. TechCrunch’s Natali Del Conte hears the price at $200 to $300 million. The most common number we heard quoted was $700 million. We’ll keep working the sources and get back to you. Continue reading the full post with latest update on



and I heard that those sites have very bad CTR as for advertisers…
but I do think that if you’ll take some niche like porn or videos for bands you could have base profits upon that the CTR will be worthy for the advertiser and won’t just spread on some kind of strange CPM deal which you have no intention as an advertiser to buy… take for example if you’re looking for the youtube for porn it has almost everything.. and they know who they publish to, so it’s better for both sides, advertiser and publisher


Never heard of ’em – though I am outside of the 12-15 year old demographic.

I am picturing a web site with a web ad on it. And a bulletin board, or forum, or chat room, or message board (whatever, like you know what, everybody’s got one and they all stink).

$700M. That’s no imagination.

alan patrick

$700m sounds high for what it is, iirc they are about 1/5 the size of GooTube which implies c $300 m, no doubt plus a premium for the paucity of alternatives.

Bob Caswell

Some are concerned that Metacafe as an acquisition target might just be the result of the post- YouTube/Google deal. YouTube may be the leader in online video with around ten times as many video views as Metacafe, but comparing the two sites just by the video views of each site’s top 200 videos, Metacafe actually wins:

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