Master the road with Roadmasters’s LCD Bluetooth speakerphone


Vrbt200v_06Integrated Bluetooth in a vehicle is awesome, but can be pricey. We’ve got it in Barb’s Acura TL and it definitely makes the whole "driving while on the phone" thing much safer, not to mention it meets certain safety laws in various states. If your vehicle didn’t have the Bluetooth option, are you SOL? Nah, there’s a number of add-on packages like this one from Roadmaster USA.

For a reasonable $69.95, you can attach the VRBT200V Bluetooth speaker phone unit directly to a sun-visor with the E-Z Mount clip. There’s a rechargeable battery and even advanced DSP Echo Cancellation, which is great at this price. Sounds good, but the included LCD for Caller ID makes me wonder about the safety factor. If you do put this on your visor, will you look up every time the phone rings? Me: I’m a "voice announce" kinda guy so I can keep my four-eyes on the road. If you can do without the LCD for Caller ID, you can drop to the $40 model for you cigarette lighter and keep your attention on driving too.

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