Diatec has a full-folding keyboard too

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Diatec_folding_keyboardIt seems there’s no end to mobile keyboards these days and here’s one from Diatec. The Papillon FKB66PU folds in half for storage and travel, but easily unfolds to bring the pitter-patter of happy fingers typing. A few observations make me want to stick with my wireless ThinkOutside Sierra keyboard reviewed a few months back: the USB cable on the Papillon doesn’t look like it’s attached permanently, so that could be one more cable to lose. Additionally, there’s a large gap between the left and right halves of the keyboard and I’m not so sure that would work well for me personally. It almost appears that you can put a mobile phone or other handheld in that spot, but I think my Windows Mobile smartphone might feel anxious and jumpy if my paws were closely on each side pounding away. Still, if you’re looking for a portable keyboard, this might do ya for $43.

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I find a detachable cable advantageous. I hate when a whole device is rendered useless because a cable went out. Much easier to replace a cable than to get out a soldering gun or replace the whole device.

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