Awesome Mac Apps and Toys for Kids: How Could You Refuse?

Looking for a delicious reason to buy some Mac applications? Look no farther, since fifteen third party Mac developers have are teaming up and giving 100% of their profits on a heaping helping of applications today to Child’s Play, a charity founded by the creators of Penny Arcade to give games and toys to kids in hospitals all around the world.

Buying apps at full retail seems to have gone under, what with MacZOT’s bargain basement prices and MacHeist’s freebies, but can you find it in your heart to part with a bit more to help poor kids who need a spark of joy?

Some prominent applications include Delicious Library, VoodooPad, Knox, and HoudahSpot, with a full list available here. Don’t hesitate, this deal is today-only, but if you miss it, you can always donate directly. I’m eying Delicious Library and SlingShot myself, and if you do pick anything up, leave a comment signifying your gracious contribution.


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