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AT&T’s IPTV Offering Reviewed

By Alan Weinkrantz

Because I live in San Antonio, I was able to sign up and become a trial customer of the AT&T U-verse IPTV service. I’ve been a trial customer for about six months, and the real tipping point for me really came when the HD service went live. I am getting HD, with more channels than TimeWarner Cable, along with 5.1 audio. So yes, it really does work. While there are couple of drawbacks, such as only having one HD stream at the present time, I’ve always had my expectations managed by what I call, “…the phone company as we no longer know it.”

I also have a SlingPlayer so I am actually getting “real” IP to IP broadcast from my set top box to my MacBook Pro. Next week, I will be writing about a look back at the service, the installation, HD content, and some forward looking scenarios of how TV over IP could be very disruptive.

One Response to “AT&T’s IPTV Offering Reviewed”

  1. Liz,

    I think IP over TV (not IPTV) is going to be hugely disruptive.

    I have been playing with this for a year now, I have blogged on some of these trends (and a bit on our test rigs) over at my blog broadstuff

    What I don’t understand is what has changed now…all this was the same a year ago, when I started working on it.

    Why only now is the penny dropping in most heads – is it $1.65bn and a view of exits for VC’s?