Analysts: Apple’s iVideo bigger than iTunes


How good is Apple’s reputation in the mobile entertainment arena? So good that analysts feel comfortable predicting huge sales for products the company hasn’t even acknowledged the existence of yet, like the iPhone and a beefier video version of the iPod.

Shouldn’t we wait until the products are announced? Nah! Why let Steve have all the fun?

Apple’s still-nascent video efforts, meanwhile, draw gushing predictions from the folks at Research and Markets, who predict iVideo will eclipse iTunes revenues:

Apple’s forays into the Television 2.0 arena have produced remarkable results to date, and promise to generate for Apple as much, and in all probability far more, revenue than Apple’s successful iTunes digital music business.

Haven’t read the report, but our cynical mind says: shouldn’t we wait until the products and services start shipping before we push all the chips to Apple’s side of the table? Or is that just analysis 1.0 thinking?

Mike Kanellos over at C/Net is thinking in a similar vein, reminding us that not everything Apple creates is a success. Enjoy the cranky emails, Mike!


alan patrick

The history of mobile broadband services has always been less than expected…

However, since the mobile companies continue to price themselves out of mobile media (as they did with music), it is probably Apple’s to lose.


Will YouTube be accessible via iVideo? Anyway where there is smoke there is fire so I expect there is something behind these “rumors”.

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