Afternoon Surf: BSkyB Channels Google

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BSkyB Gets Googly: The British broadcaster joins forces with search giant to provide Sky-branded Google services (like YouTube video sharing) to its U.K. broadband customers. Light Reading’s Mark Sullivan reports that “BSkyB will build customized versions of Google’s Gmail, contacts, calendar, and instant messaging services,” and there may be VoIP products as well.

Too Weird For Words: From today’s Wall Street Journal “funny” column, a piece about unboxing videos — “Dozens of videos showing people unwrapping products like the new Palm Treo 680 smartphone, Microsoft Zune digital media player and the Nintendo Wii game player are appearing on YouTube, on blogs and popular technology sites. The videos are drawing thousands of viewers,” writes Emily Steel (subscription req’d). OK, maybe amateur hour still has a few clicks left on the clock.

Just What We Need — Another DVD Standard: China’s electronics makers band together to support a new DVD standard, which they claim is better than Blu-ray or HD DVD. Yup. And having a captive audience of billions has nothing to do with it! But… haven’t we heard this better technology argument before?

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alan patrick

The really interesting bit about the Sky / Google story is this bit (Quote from FT)

“The companies plan to extend the partnership to BSkyB’s core television platform, however, by replacing traditional 30-second television adverts with targeted commercials stored on hard drives in BSkyB’s set-top boxes.

Google’s AdSense technology, which brings up adverts relevant to search terms of users, would be deployed alongside BSkyB’s knowledge of its customers’ profiles and interests.”

This is an interesting new take on how to do Interactive, Online Ads.

I had a go at explaining this on my blog here The Adman in your Set Top box

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