Your Input Needed: Podcasting Setups

I’ve got a friend who teaches at a University. He told me they’re talking about getting Macs for the department, with the intent of creating podcasts that their classes can download for notes and such. But he wasn’t sure what the best setup may be for this situation.

Here at The Apple Blog, we’ve considered dropping Podcasts on the general public, but clearly have yet to take that dive. So I’d love to hear some feedback on your podcasting setups. I’m looking for solutions that are relatively simple, but with a balance of features for growth. And I don’t know the budget that would be available, so let’s hear feasible examples please. The solutions should probably include microphone input hardware and such as well.

I know the latest iteration of Garage Band has a lot of Podcasting capability built in, so that is probably a no-brainer – but I really don’t know the ins and outs, so there’s likely better software available. Thanks in advance for the input!


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