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Yahoo Reorg: Lloyd Braun Is Out Of YMG; Division Now Part Of Audience Group; Who’ll Head It?

More pieces of news coming out of Yahoo reorg tonight: Lloyd Braun, the head of Yahoo Media Group, is finally leaving the group and Yahoo….this was pretty much expected after he became a lame duck in a YMG reorg earlier this year.
Updated: LAT is also reporting this, though no news on who, if any will replace him. The general consensus among people I spoke to tonight is that no one will, since YMG as a separate unit is gone and now is under the Audience business unit. Who is heading the Audience unit? That is not yet clear, but at least one or two names come to mind from within the YMG group, though Yahoo has decided to go out of the family to look for execs.
There is also some chatter about whether the new-ish unit Yahoo Studios (headed by David Katz, who left last week….the group is now under Vince Broady) will remain as a separate unit…this was the group which became responsible for creating original content. One school of thought is that it may merge with the advertiser-content that another Yahoo division creates, though I am not so sure on that one.
LAT also hints that Braun resigned after he heard about Rosensweig leaving, which means his role at YMG went south immediately, and that he realized now was as good a time as any to leave without the least noise, when other bigger fish are being fried elsewhere. LAT says Braun said the diminished responsibilities played little role in his departure. “I feel like I accomplished most of my goals in coming here…I’m really ready for another challenge, perhaps one that combines old media and new media.”
Staci adds: This may all be moot given the restructuring now underway officially but Scott Moore has added the sports duties formerly handled by Katz while Broady was picking up Yahoo Studios. Broady has been suggested to us numerous times as the top internal candidate to replace Braun but that was under the old structure. Could he be a candidate to head Audience? Possible but that’s also a prime position for an outsider — and CEO Terry Semel is stressing that the company is open to new talent. He even says in his official blog post that they are recruiting for the post. The trick for whoever gets the job will be to reassemble the various pieces without losing momentum in the areas that are working.

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