Side Effect of Mac Marketing Schemes?

The other day I pontificated about Mac software marketing. The short of it was, I’m into it. Well then I caught wind of this similarly-themed post from MacUser. Pat takes an angle which I hadn’t considered before. It seems he’s of the mind to hold off on buying some software in anticipation of that app being offered for free or heavily discounted through some marketing plan. The twist, he points out, is that these marketing schemes are in place to enhance sales…

I’m sure there’s some validity to that, but I’d be surprised if it’s that large a cross-section of the user community. Or maybe it’s just me. For me, if I need some application, I buy it. If it’s something that looks cool, but I have no huge need for, I’ll usually demo it for 30 days. If after 30 days I’m totally hooked, I buy it, or else I let it just sit, unused. Then if a deal on the app comes along, I may consider buying it. But at the end of the day, I don’t find myself holding out for a better deal – I just disregard it until I hear it’s at some price point that balances out my need for it.

How do you approach it? Are you holding off on purchasing software for a freebie or better deal?