Pocketables hearts the PepperPad 3

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PeppermainJenn’s initial PepperPad 3 had some display issues, but that didn’t stop her. No, she has a new unit with a screen that works and sings the praises of this 2.2-pound Linux-based portable in her latest review. This entry covers all the great aspects and she promises updates on the "so-so stuff and downright disappointing" attributes in the near future.

What jumped out at me was Jenn’s brief video presentation. In under three minutes, she completely altered my thinking on the PepperPad 3: it resumes from slumber quickly, the split thumb-board appears much more usable than I imagined and the unit’s overall performance for surfing and video was better than I thought it would be. The inclusion of an actual scroll-wheel was a smart one and I hope more handheld computing OEMs take notice.

If you’re interested in an open-source device supported by a passionate community and want what I call a "lifestyle computer", you’ll want to read this review over at Pocketables….and the anticipated updates from Jenn on her PepperPad 3 experience.

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Thanks again for the link, Kevin. I just posted part 2 (the so-so stuff) of the review and am currently compiling notes for the final part. Pepper’s VP actually contacted me about part 2 and said that my assessments were fair, which is good :)

The new software update should resolve many of the issues I have with the device, so I’m still debating whether I should wait for the official release before posting the final review.

Thanks again!

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