NYC Mixer Tonight: Great Attendance; Some Lessons

Our NYC mixer tonight was a big success in terms of attendance (nearly 600 by first count), but as much as we thought we learned from the last mixer here, we still aren’t there yet organizationally. Hosting large events in NYC is a challenge at the best of times, and during one of the busiest weeks, well…you know the rest. Then there’s the portion of the editorial program, where some people were, in one word, rude. While all of us at our sites feel privileged that we get so much love from our users, we need a serious rethink on how open we can keep these mixers, especially in NYC. In theory, this venue was large enough but as the crowd got much bigger than even the last mixer, it seemed much smaller, which is our mistake.
Anyway, thanks to all of you who came, and our apologies on tonight’s snafus. Next time, we’ll do even more due diligence on the venue.
Some early reaction here (we hear you, Steve). Donna Bogatin has a good overview of Gordon Crovitz’s Q&A, here.
The NYC mixer sponsors were Platinum: The Jordan, Edmiston Group and IBM Media & Entertainment and Gold: NBC Universal Digital Media, Copyright Clearance Center, Inform Technologies, and PalTalk.


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