EVO Tablet Arm lends a hand


Evo_tablet_armInnovative Office Products is showing off the "EVO Tablet Arm" next month at CES, but they’ve provided us with the details now. This looks like a great home office accessory for any notebook, but especially a slate Tablet PC, which can be awkward at a desk without a dock. The EVO Tablet ARM holds your precious Tablet PC in place while allowing you to adjust the location of the device. Additionally, the arm allows you to rotate your computer between portrait and landscape mode: no need to remove the Tablet, which is very slick and a function I’d want to see in a product like this.

On-line retailers offer the EVO Tablet Arm for around $200; I could use of these in tandem with my desktop workstation: heavy duty computing and audio/video editing on the desktop and a companion UMPC or slate Tablet PC in the Tablet Arm for notes and e-mail.


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