EV-DO in 2009: new name and 1,160% faster

EvdoSeems like the great news keeps on rockin’ and rollin’ in the wireless data world. Today, it’s news on the CDMA & EV-DO front with information on the next, next revision of EV-DO technology. In 2009, we’ll likely see a name change to UMB, or Ultra Mobile Broadband, which is much more descriptive than Evolution-Data Optimized. Whatever you want to call it is fine with me: I’m calling it Ultra-Fast because the download expectation for Revision C is up to 280 Mbps. For comparison: current EV-DO (Rev. 0) maxes out around 2.4 Mbps, while Rev. A is now rolling out around 3.6 Mbps or so. Bear in mind that these are best case download speeds and many factors impact the actual speeds. I routinely get 900 Kbps or more from my EV-DO-enabled Windows Mobile phone, but the average for most folks is in the 400 – 800 Kbps range.

Even if the UMB speeds approach half of the anticipated maximum, we’re talking 140 Mbps. When we start to see that, especially embedded into devices, we’ll be one step closer to the inevitable: eventual death of the wired last mile in heavily popluated areas.


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