Afternoon surf: Video Ads on the Cheap


WEB VIDEO ADS, DONE CHEAP: Online travel-destination film startup TurnHere says it will shoot a video ad of your business for as little as $300, according to C/Net’s Mike Kanellos. The company will also offer ad-placing services, perhaps part of a new plan to generate some revenues beyond the always-alluring but hard-to-make-work field of online travel info sites.

DOWNLOAD-TO-BURN MOVIES FROM TIME-WARNER: CEO Dick Parsons says the company will get into competition with pirates by offering download-to-burn movie services sometime in 2007, according to IP Democracy. One plan might involve a subscription service through HBO, which is owned by Time-Warner.

ZE FRANK vs. ROCKETBOOM: An unusually weak effort by Ze (a monologue about how to study and remember stuff) loses to a visually appealing but fairly content-free report from Paris (about the launch of a new online news operation, France 24) which ends with some strange dude peering at the label on Joanne Colan’s jeans, or underwear. Score: RB 1, ZF 0.



ZF 0? This battle’s been going on for a while, and in my book ze is winning.

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