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WebTrends Acquires Optimization Firm ClickShift; iCrossing Buys Newgate

Web analytics provider WebTrends has acquired online ad optimization provider ClickShift. Financial terms were not disclosed. ClickShift has a suite of marketing optimization tools, primarily for multivariate testing of paid search campaigns. Also, the management: co-founder and CEO John Rodkin and CTO Leo Chang, who co-founded contextual ad player Flyswat and continued together at NBCi when that company was acquired.
Also, another search-related acquisition: SEM agency iCrossing acquiring Newgate Internet, a paid search, reputation management, and word-of-mouth agency.

3 Responses to “WebTrends Acquires Optimization Firm ClickShift; iCrossing Buys Newgate”

  1. Richard P. Srery was and continues to be a creative thinker. He takes risks, where most just tow the line, Mr. Srery beleives in the people he is charged with and encourages them to use thier collective minds to bring fresh and creative ideas to the table. It was a loss to iCrossing when Mr. Srery oped to leave iCrossing. My best wishes go to Mr. Srery.

    Don Scales

  2. Joe Cunkle

    It is a fact that this Richard P. Srery is a jackass. He is just bitter that he was let go from iCrossing, where is skated on thin ice daily. I know this is fact as I worked with this man daily…..

  3. iCrossing should focus more on customer service, quality and the like and less on aquiring companies that bring the SEM company value onlyt to be aquired themsleves. With folks like Don Scales and margaret luciano williams at the helm this company is doomed in my opinion. First of all margaret luciano williams is an HR person, yet Mr. Scales has placed her in charge of one of operations most critical diciplins, Project Management. When asked what the reason was for this move Mr. Scales said, and I quote. "HR is in charge of hiring stratgic resources, and Project Management is in charge of managing resources." WHAT! I think it is safe to say that though Mr. Scales has an MBA, it is this contributors opinion that he has failed to apply it here. Project Management is in no way affiliated with human resources. AS a matter of fact iCossing is the only company I know of were HR has a seat at teh executive round table and has influence over operational decisions. Keep in mind that margaret luciano williams's resume in no way reflects any operational skill sets, only HR ones.