Twitter: TMI or useful and fun?

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I’ve finally given in and joined Twitter in a grand mobile tech experiment. I’m wondering if some social services have gone too far and provide TMI, or Too Much Information. Twitter might be the ultimate test as it’s a free service you use to post updates on what you’re doing….in real time. You can post your status via a mobile phone or web browser and you can even get text message updates on all of your Twitter friends; hope you have the unlimited TXT plan.

Now I’m not going to presume that folks are interested enough to see my every move, but as part of the experiment, you can join Twitter for free and see my updates. Hey, we might never meet, but we can always be "Twitter friends" as I’m hiding behind the name "KevinCTofel". If you fear commitment, we don’t need to be friends: the last 100 public updates are always available on the Twitter website and I’ve made my updates viewable by all. I’ll give this a try for a week or two, after which time I’ll likely get that "big brother / reality show" feeling and stop providing updates. Let’s see if I end up being a twit for trying Twitter or come out with hundreds of easily amused Twitter friends. ;)

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Dennis Rice


I have too many people chasing me around now. I’m looking for a way to go the OTHER way. Is there an “Un-Twitter”? :)

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