Toshiba packs 100 GB of storage in a 1.8-inch drive

Toshiba_mk1011gahSign me up to buy! Toshiba just announced a giant 100 GB capacity hard drive in the diminutive 1.8-inch form factor. The dual-platter 4200 RPM drive increases capacity while keeping power down to 0.003W/GB; I’m not sure what that equates to when compared with other drives because I haven’t see a "watts per Gigabyte" factor from Hitachi and others in this space.

We’ll see the new drive, affectionately known as "MK1011GAH" at CES in four short weeks; aside from seeing the actual product, we’ll be sure to ask what devices we can expect to see these in: notebooks, Tablets, UMPCs and digital audio players are usual suspects. Mass production starts next month as well, so before the snow thaws here in the Northern Hemi, you’ll be sure to see the higher capacity in various products.


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