Tension Building At Yahoo; Exec Meeting Late Tuesday Could Bring Detailsc

As we reported first this weekend, Yahoo executives from VP up are meeting for a video conference call late this afternoon Pacific time where at least some details about the company’s future management structure could be unveiled. The tom-toms are beating very loudly about Lloyd Braun again from all directions; the way one person who hasn’t been quick to jump on those rumors in the past put it to me, Braun’s departure is “TBD but likely.” Of course, we’ve heard he was out before and here we are a year later with Braun still in place. He could ontinue to have the half-life of radioactive waste or this could finally be it.
Meanwhile, to say the Yahoos — and folks who do business with them — are unsettled is beyond understatement. If this isn’t the day they get some answers, it had better be soon.


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