Rumors of a New MacBook Pro Surface

Rumor has it that a new MacBook Pro model will be unveiled soon as the successor to the 12-inch PowerBook.  It would be sub-notebook computer in size and weight.

I think such a sub-notebook would be a great addition to the Apple notebook line considering Sony (the makers of the next most stylish computers) has had ultra-light computers for some time now.  Since the switch to Intel, Apple can’t claim that they cannot fit their components into the shells that PCs have had for years now.  It would effectively be an Apple Vaio of sorts.

If Apple really wants to raise the bar, they should introduce carbon fiber (once again, something Sony has already done) into their cases to make the devices lighter (and I would hope cooler to the touch).  After trying to travel with a 15-inch MacBook Pro, an Apple sub-notebook is something I may be interested in.  Is anyone else interested in such a machine?


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