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Rumors of a New MacBook Pro Surface

Rumor has it that a new MacBook Pro model will be unveiled soon as the successor to the 12-inch PowerBook.  It would be sub-notebook computer in size and weight.

I think such a sub-notebook would be a great addition to the Apple notebook line considering Sony (the makers of the next most stylish computers) has had ultra-light computers for some time now.  Since the switch to Intel, Apple can’t claim that they cannot fit their components into the shells that PCs have had for years now.  It would effectively be an Apple Vaio of sorts.

If Apple really wants to raise the bar, they should introduce carbon fiber (once again, something Sony has already done) into their cases to make the devices lighter (and I would hope cooler to the touch).  After trying to travel with a 15-inch MacBook Pro, an Apple sub-notebook is something I may be interested in.  Is anyone else interested in such a machine?

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  1. Katherine

    I’d been waiting for the 12″ / 13″ MBP to be revealed. It’s been a long wait and I’m getting impatient and my little mini-me 12″ pbook is going to need a break soon. It had last longer than my first 15″ which was a) heavy b) not as hot. Everybody likes their TV, car etc big. I like it nicely proportioned, aesthetically pleasing and functional… i.e. 12″ rocks! (and I love it)

    I will hold on to my 12″ Pb as long as possible but advances in softwares, operating systems are getting too far beyond what my little pbook can handle soon. So i really hope that apple do end up releasing a 12″ / 13″ MBP soon. I don’t care if it costs more. I am wiling to pay.

  2. After 10 years of being away, I am considering switching my company and myself back to the Apple platform. After a lengthy analysis, we conclude that there is only one element which is preventing us from doing so, laptop quality & size. The current product line is geared more for cool designers who like large displays and travel consists of hanging out at Starbucks. Consultants on the go need high quality and small size laptops like the X Series 12″ Thinkpads. The 13.3″ MacBook is too large and the quality (crummy keyboard) isn’t that of the Thinkpad and what one would expect of Apple.

  3. I’ve held off from buying a Sony Vaio widescreen ultralight (TX series I think) for the last 3 months since I started seeing rumors about an Apple Nano Notebook. While I was FLOORED by the iPhone announcement/presentation at MW, I was deeply disappointed that a Nano Notebook was not announced!
    I currently have a PC notebook, and am desperate to switch to Mac, but I need dual processor (parallels) . I need an ultralight whose screen is not very tall when open (good for working on a plane. That’s why the Vaio TX form factor would work well for me. Come on Steve Jobs!!!! I’m counting on you! (If anybody has any RECENT news on this…please spill it :-)

  4. yeah, i would kill to get my hands on a 12″ mbp. ofcourse i love my 12″ pb, but it’s beginning to grow beard soon. also the rumors af a flashdrive sounded really interesting. it’s faster and lighter (ofcourse), and runs with less power than conventional harddrives. wich is good. and i think in contrast to most of you guys i’d hope for apple to continue with the alu skin.

  5. You are damn straight we need a 12″ MacBookPro. Five pounds is way too heavy for a laptop in this age. But it’s ingenuous to say that a smaller MacBook would be like a Vaio, because there are several small light Windoze laptops out there (Panasonic, Toshiba, and more…)

    When the competition is making laptops with a weight of 1.5 kg (3 pounds), even my old 12″ G4 PB feels heavy. And here in Japan, folks commute by train, so the current MacBricks don’t cut it.

  6. Right now I have a 13″ Macbook (black). I love it but I whenever I am at my desk I use a 20″Apple Display with it. If Apple came out with a sub-notebook… well as long as they put a hefty DVi card in it and the ability to load up the RAM… say 2.0GBs like I have in the Macbook… I do not think an aluminum skin would cut it either. Carbon Fiber might just work…