Revolutionizing Work at Best Buy

In their December 11th cover story, Business Week profiles a new way of working at Best Buy corporate headquarters in Minnesota. It’s called ROWE, the Results-Oriented Work Environment. The thirteen commandments of ROWE include these:

No.1: People at all levels stop doing any activity that is a waste of their time, the customer’s time, or the company’s money. No.7: Nobody talks about how many hours they work. No.9: It’s O.K. to take a nap on a Tuesday afternoon, grocery shop on Wednesday morning, or catch a movie on Thursday afternoon.

BW calls it the “post-geographic office” and, borrowing a favorite Web Worker Daily phrase, mentions that tech companies have been “going bedouin” for several years. Few companies of any sort, however, would be willing to go as far as Best Buy has, banning mandatory meetings and allowing workers to work wherever, whenever, and how much they want, so long as they complete their work.

This is a welcome development in the corporate landscape. Post-geographic work, going bedouin, virtual teams: they’re not just for freelancers and tech startups anymore.

Do you see any revolutionary or evolutionary steps towards results-oriented work in your own business life?


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