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Gruber points to this awesome note-taking program for Quicktime, and I’m floored that I haven’t heard of it sooner (it was released back in Mid September). Apparently the cool folks at dvcreators.net have created and freely released QT Movie NoteTaker to the world. On OS X and Windows no less! Great for unobstructed collaboration across platforms.

Here’s the idea. Open a Quicktime movie in the app, and as you’re playing the movie, you can take notes at any point. Simply stop the movie and a timestamp is created in the notes field. Type in your notes on the frame/scene/etc and then resume the movie. Each time you stop it a new time stamp is created. You can then save or email the notes off.

I really love this concept, but can’t help but feel it’s missing one big feature. I’d love to see the ability to open notes up in the program alongside the movie file in question. Better yet, I’d love the text notes to be something of an xml sidecar file that sort of opens both at once. My thinking being, the timestamp notes are all well and good, but if I’m reviewing those notes, then I’m relegated to opening two separate items and juggling the two – it would just be nice if the interface were the same for recording notes, as it is for reviewing them.

If I wanna get nit-picky, I’d ask that the advertising space below the app make room for a more prominent display of the movie clock. But I understand that they gotta pay the bills too, so not a big deal there. I’d assume however, when they release the mentioned Pro version, hat something along these lines would be one of the features.

The first idea I had after hearing about this program was (assuming the obvious enhancement mentioned above) being able to release a Quicksilver Screencast for instance, with notes in the margin for quick reference. I’m thinking that would be pretty slick. Of course I could still create the notes text file and make it available with the Screencast download, but the side-by-side in-app integration would be the killer app feature for me. Well, maybe it’ll be in a future release.

A question I’ve got for anyone testing it out right now:
Since I’m on my Dell at the moment, I’m dying to know if this is possible (on a Mac) with the Flip4Mac Quicktime plugin. E.g. Is it possible to open and add notes to any movie file Quicktime on OS X can play? I’d assume so, but can’t test it for myself.

EDIT: Looks like the opening of notes files may be a feature in the forthcoming Pro version. Cast your vote if you have a preference on Pro features over at their page.


Rob Ver Maas

I’ve been using this appfor over 12 months now ( on Mac ) and ANY file that quicktime loads, will show up in QTMN.
And that includes non-visual type files lake Audio and even Standard MIDI Files !

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