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PocketMac Syncs Blackberry With Mac

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Living as a Mac island in a sea of Windows machines at the office can sometimes be a challenge. Though Apple has made advances through simply enabling Mac OS X clients to attach to Windows networks, and mount shared file servers, third party devices are often the part of the ecosystem that goes forgotten – as Windows-oriented developers will sometimes overlook the Macintosh, assuming Mac users make up too small a part of the population to demand dedicated effort.

For too long, I thought my Blackberry, which I depend on for mobile e-mail, calendar, basic Web surfing, and address book functionality, was one of those devices that would never fully support the Mac. Living in parallel worlds, I had contacts and calendar in Microsoft Outlook on the Dell laptop, and simultaneously, a separate list of contacts in my Macintosh Address Book, and appointments in iCal. Updates on the Blackberry wouldn’t affect the Mac, and vice versa.


This all changed with Blackberry’s adoption and free release of PocketMac. Now that I’ve discovered PocketMac, my two worlds have been united – with the added bonus of synchronizing the data via .Mac to multiple Macs.

Like the Palm Desktop years before it, PocketMac offers the option to synchronize personal data between your Macintosh and the Blackberry, primarily focused on your address book and calendar appointments. But PocketMac is more flexible, offering to synchronize with a variety of desktop apps – including Apple’s Mail and Microsoft Entourage to iCal and the Now suite.

After installation, connect the Blackberry to the Mac via standard USB cable, charging the device, and you can configure it to your .Mac account by entering your user name and password, select which applications you want to synchronize, and simply hit sync. (As seen below)


Subsequent synchronizations will note differences between your local data and that of the mobile device, giving you the option to accept or decline the changes. In the below example, the Mac noted that the Blackberry had deleted a completed meeting. I had the option to restore it to the Blackberry, or delete it from the Mac. Having already sat through the meeting, and not wishing to repeat it, the Mac soon also had the appointment erased. (See below)


This brief interruption didn’t stop the synchronization, by any means. After I had made my selection, PocketMac kept humming along, until all tasks were complete – from e-mail to contacts.


Now, instead of two separate address books and parallel calendars, I have one universal data set, shared between my Blackberry, my Mac at home, my Mac at work, and the Dell laptop. Best of all, if you already own a Blackberry, PocketMac is a free download.

132 Responses to “PocketMac Syncs Blackberry With Mac”

  1. I followed these directions but the original info is still present when I reinstall. Has anyone successfully gotten rid of the 1st install and done a clean 2nd?

    To completely uninstall PocketMac for BlackBerry smartphones, complete the following steps:

    1. Log in to the Apple Macintosh computer with an account that has administrator-level permissions.
    2. Open the hard drive icon on the computer.
    3. From the left menu bar, select Applications, then open PocketMac Sync Manager.
    4. Click Uninstall PocketMac.
    5. When prompted to continue uninstalling PocketMac, click Yes.
    6. When the uninstall process is complete, click Quit.
    7. Open the hard drive icon on the computer.
    8. Select the Users folder.
    9. The current user will be indicated by the Home icon. Click the Home icon to continue.
    10. Open the Library folder, then open the Preferences folder.
    11. Delete the PocketMacBlackberry.plist file.
    12. Delete the PocketMacAdvancedPreferenceData.plist file.
    13. Delete the PocketMacSyncManager.plist file.
    14. Open the Library folder and then open the Application Support folder.
    15. Delete the PocketMac and PocketMacSyncManager folders.
    16. Empty the Trash from the Dock by right-clicking and selecting Empty Trash.
    17. Restart the Apple Macintosh computer.

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  2. I have been able to sync the Blackberry Flip with and Imac running OSX 10.4.11. This is with the Packetmac. I am unable to get the Blackberrry Desktop manager installed and I cannot get the Pocketmac to sync by bluetooth. Very disappointed at this trouble.

  3. Just download Blackberry Desktop Manager.
    It works perfectly for me.
    First on the 8830 and now on the Blackberry Tour.
    It’s a RIM program with different versions for PC’s and MACs.

  4. Shelalgh-Ann

    It seems as though no-one has been successful in synching Blackberry and iMac.

    Very discouraging!

    Has anyone downloaded the LATEST Pocketmac and tried to synch a Blackberry Pearl with an iMac (Leopard)? I am worried that my attempt might destroy/remove/screw-up the fairly large amount of data etc.I have and use on a daily basis.

  5. I too am having issues with pocket mac, being used on an OSX 10.4 macbook and syncing a blackberry 8800 series.

    The sync goes as far as noting the contact changes/deletions, then freezes once it hits the syncing data portion. I’ve tried multiple combinations of options (yes calendar, no contacts, no tasks, and everything in between) and haven’ gotten it to finish.

    I also cannot seem to find a blackberry branded mac software for OSX before 10.5 (leopard).

    Any suggestions would be great!

    I’ve had no such issues with my G1….

  6. Cameron Scholes

    I installed the Pocket mac and it erased/removed/eradicated/uninstalled at least three programs on my Mac, one being Text Edit. Completely GONE. God knows what else it did on its pesky move into my Mac…. afraid to use it now fearing other issues.

  7. Dwight R

    I have a Mac Pro 17″ and I just downloaded pocketmac on it and I can’t get my MAC to start up. The windows with the spinning circle comes up for about 20 seconds and then the MAC shuts down. Any ideas???? Help!!