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PocketMac Syncs Blackberry With Mac

Living as a Mac island in a sea of Windows machines at the office can sometimes be a challenge. Though Apple has made advances through simply enabling Mac OS X clients to attach to Windows networks, and mount shared file servers, third party devices are often the part of the ecosystem that goes forgotten – as Windows-oriented developers will sometimes overlook the Macintosh, assuming Mac users make up too small a part of the population to demand dedicated effort.

For too long, I thought my Blackberry, which I depend on for mobile e-mail, calendar, basic Web surfing, and address book functionality, was one of those devices that would never fully support the Mac. Living in parallel worlds, I had contacts and calendar in Microsoft Outlook on the Dell laptop, and simultaneously, a separate list of contacts in my Macintosh Address Book, and appointments in iCal. Updates on the Blackberry wouldn’t affect the Mac, and vice versa.


This all changed with Blackberry’s adoption and free release of PocketMac. Now that I’ve discovered PocketMac, my two worlds have been united – with the added bonus of synchronizing the data via .Mac to multiple Macs.

Like the Palm Desktop years before it, PocketMac offers the option to synchronize personal data between your Macintosh and the Blackberry, primarily focused on your address book and calendar appointments. But PocketMac is more flexible, offering to synchronize with a variety of desktop apps – including Apple’s Mail and Microsoft Entourage to iCal and the Now suite.

After installation, connect the Blackberry to the Mac via standard USB cable, charging the device, and you can configure it to your .Mac account by entering your user name and password, select which applications you want to synchronize, and simply hit sync. (As seen below)


Subsequent synchronizations will note differences between your local data and that of the mobile device, giving you the option to accept or decline the changes. In the below example, the Mac noted that the Blackberry had deleted a completed meeting. I had the option to restore it to the Blackberry, or delete it from the Mac. Having already sat through the meeting, and not wishing to repeat it, the Mac soon also had the appointment erased. (See below)


This brief interruption didn’t stop the synchronization, by any means. After I had made my selection, PocketMac kept humming along, until all tasks were complete – from e-mail to contacts.


Now, instead of two separate address books and parallel calendars, I have one universal data set, shared between my Blackberry, my Mac at home, my Mac at work, and the Dell laptop. Best of all, if you already own a Blackberry, PocketMac is a free download.

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  1. Victor_BOB

    How does someone using PocketMac sync Mac 10.4.11 Entourage Calendar with Blackberry Storm?

    Houston Verizon IT and Apple Genius unable. We installed the patches and upgrades as of June 25 to Blackberry and PocketMac . Contacts sync, but Entourage Calendar stalls at the very end. We even tried to sync just 2 days of Calendar… still stalls.

    Anyone smarter than Verizon IT, Apple Genius and Pocket Mac gurus?

    Please help. Thanks.

  2. Garvin Bazzell

    There is software (QuickVoice) available for the iPhone. This permits a recording of a voice message on the iPhone and can be sent to the DeskTop Computer.

    Question: Is there comparable software to run on my Blackberry Curve.

    Thanks for your replies.

  3. Garvin Bazzell

    Please help,, explain action of Sync.

    I have had a Blackberry Curve for one year. I imported 1300 contact information from my Apple Address Book to the Curve

    I have made numerous changes in my Apple computer Address Book since that time and have never updated my Curve.

    Should I delete the contacts from the curve and re import the data from my Apple Address Book or, will the syncing take care of the changes I have made the past year to my Apple Address Book and it will update my Curve Address Book

    Thank you for helping me with this As I don’t understand all I know about Syncing ;>) ;>)

    Best Wishes,
    For Your Health And Happiness.
    May Your Life Be Filled With Love and Prosperity

    G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

  4. Garvin Bazzell

    I have upgraded my Macintosh Computer with Leopard Operating system..

    I have application, PocketMac SyncManager that was modified on May 4, 2007.

    Do I need an upgrade of PocketMac SyncManager to import contacts information from my Mac Address Book to my Blackberry Curve.

    Thanks for your response.

    Best wishes,

    G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)
    256 325 6787 Central Time Zone

  5. Joanie

    Thanks. I have already tried that and it doesn’t work for me.
    I am using PocketMac for Blackberry on my iMac ver. 10.5.7.

    The difference is that I am using Address Book and iCal…..not Entourage.
    I can manage restarting it…..but wish I could find a better solution.

  6. Joanie

    I am using PocetMac for Blackberry (8830) and it syncs iCAL and Address book contacts perfectly.

    But, I have to force quit and reload the program every time I want to sync.
    It never responds in order to sync a second time without restarting.

    Any suggestions?


  7. Kirsti

    I am so infuriated with pocketmac – it makes doubles, sometimes triple copies of appointments and clutters up my calendar. then I delete them all, only to have it reinstate them without asking me next time it syncs. I’ve never worked with such a stupid program!!!

  8. I have spent days on end trying to get my new Blackberry Storm to sync with my mac. After tons of research and speaking with mac experts they are all using a new app called THE MISSING SYNC. You must uninstall Pocketmac and use this one in its place. Its easy and W O R K S!! Yes, there is a fee which I will gladly pay for this to work. And it does, like a charm. I have nothing to do with the web site and a not promoting it – just trying to share what works well for me. Check it out.

  9. tobias hug

    I recently got my BlackBerry Bold. I installed the PocketMac from the disc that came with it and had the usual error message like many of you:
    “Unable to connect to Blackberry(error 1); Skipping.”
    Turns out this is the 1.0 version they send out – I downloaded the newest version from the website, uninstalled the old one .. and it works fine ! Address Book synchronized without any problems.

  10. Does anyone else have this problem – it gets about halfway through synching,
    and then “quits unexpectedly” and then says this:

    “Mac OS X and other applications are not affected.

    Click Try Again to temporarily restore the application’s default settings and open it again. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple.”

    So frustrating…I can’t get to sync even once!

  11. Estrea Janoson

    I have an even bigger problem. When I open the PocketMac app it doesn’t even have the Blackberry symbol, will not allow me to add devices and does not recognize my Curve 8330. Has anyone ever had that happen? I have installed and reinstalled to no avail. I am at my wits end here.

  12. What a disaster PocketMac is!!! I have now spent 40 hours with various technicians (including a very good tier 3 guy) from RIM and the nominally available even if you pay for it tech from the PcoketMac company. It used to work with my 8703, but with my new 8830, it hangs. It does not sync. It puts the wrong information (iCal entries) into the wrong place (To Do list). It is a total waste of time and, when you pay for support for PocketMac, there is no number to call. You schedule an appointment … and the techs do not call you on time and then make follow-up appointments that they do not keep. DISASTER!!!

  13. trying to download blackberry curve for 1 yr now worst phone i’ve ever had and if i cannot download data soon i will make a big deal of it already spent $200 in repairs to no avail


    would you like mY passwords and contacts free of charge just let me give them 2 u from my Blackberry Curve and I will xchange for a copy of the data. Empty my Banks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Noting comment #101. We should self date these posts since the system is not doing it. Date 12/06/2008.

    OK, we may have a partial solution to the syncing problem, 1st some environmentals:
    I use Mac OS X 10.5.5 and PocketMac SyncManager 1.2 (1.4).

    Download the manual for PocketMac Blackberry 4.1, as well as the latest version of the PocketMac software from the Blackberry site. Delete old version and install new and go to the following section of the manual:

    8.3.9 Data Cleanup and Maintenance Utilities
    All the data cleanup and maintenance utilities may be found in your home folder (the folder with your name on it in the Users folder), under ~/Library/Application Support/PocketMacSyncManager/Additional Tools/.

    I followed the instructions in this section, (1) 1st ran data clean up utility to purge my device, one by one (contacts, tasks, notes, etc.), (2) ran utility to clean the sync files on the Mac (3) started PocketMac for Blackberry, selected for each (contact, tasks, etc.) one way sync (overwrite device), (4) when step 3 completed successfully, I reset PocketMac to Two Way Sync and select Sync again, it completed successfully.

  15. try this software – ‘missing sync for blackberry’ no problems with this
    it works for me with bold and apple G4 – i never managed to get that pocket software to work properly.

  16. Johann Schmitt

    Yikes!!! I have tried about 10 times to get this to work and it keepshanging :-(

    As of December 5, 2008, it does not work correctly with a Blackberry Pearl.


  17. Unless RIM corrects this ongoing and nagging problem soon, the only “Storm” will be Blackberry users “Storming” to the iPhone. I can’t believe that this product, the PocketMac, is so lousy. I have wasted hours trying to get this thing to work properly. It is really frustrating, and I am seriously considering dumping my Blackberry for an iPhone. I haven’t because I didn’t want to switch carriers, but I am running out of patience with Pocketmac. BTW, I noticed a number of people post that Pocketmac is “free,” well does anyone pay for Desktop Manager for a Windows machine? Of course not. The fact that the product, Pocketmac, should be bundled with the Blackberry does not mean that it should dysfunctional.

  18. i keep trying to connect my blackberry and it says this. [11:29:22.076] Unable to connect to BlackBerry (error 1); skipping. and when i connect the charging cord it says usb charging current is not sufficient and it is the only usb connected to my computer . The same cord works fine on my PC at work. HELP!

  19. same problem as everyone else… “Unable to connect to BlackBerry (error 1); skipping.” all im trying to do is grab my contacts, put them on my mac, and sync them with my new iphone… this software and the BB is trash

  20. Didier Devynck

    PocketMac 4.0 has got to be the worst app I ever installed on my Mac. After downloading the latest version and syncing my Blackberry with my Mac; I now have several contacts that have no information left (that’s right phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, everything is gone), some contacts where only part of the information is left (I looked for my doctor’s phone number in Address Book and realized it’s gone) and many contacts in my Blackberry with all the phone numbers repeated two or three times. I tried to call PocketMac Tech Support but there is nobody there and the only option seems to be a $59.95 fee per call to get any help. Forget that!
    One piece of advice. Save yourself a lot of headaches and stay away from PocketMac.

  21. error 1 skipping message fixed on my Balckberry Curve 8310.

    1.) Open Pocketmac sync, select your blackberry and then connection. Make sure your conection settings are set to “USB” (no bluetooth support yet for these devices).

    2.) Quit pocketmac sync and relaunch it.

    3.) Connect your blackberry via USB. (make sure you connect it after launching pocketmac sync.

    4.) sync. It should not give you the skipping message anyomre.

  22. I have had nothing but problems with PocketMac. In all fairness to BB, their support people really tried to help me to get it to work. I finally ended up having to replace my BB 8310. Syncing still did not work. For me, it was the Calendar sync with either Entourage or iCal. The very first sync worked fine, but after that it did not. It always would crash the BB 8310 and then crash PM. (I literally have spent 3 days on this!)

    SOLUTION (at least for me):

    -Downloaded Missing Sync for Blackberry.
    -Went to Entourage preferences (this is what I use) and selected sync for all three items between iCal and Entourage
    -Made sure all items in Entourage were synced with iCal
    -Conducted sync with Missing Sync and iCal.
    -Had a couple of glitches, but the error log is great at pinpointing exactly what was wrong (e.g., the calendar wouldn’t sync because a “sync was in progress” so, I reset computer and removed battery from BB, and then the next sync worked well).

    This is a bit cumbersome, but it is the only way I can get it to work.

  23. So I was getting the “error 1 skipping” message and I have resolved the issue with the help of customer support. Here’s how:
    1. Install Pocket mac.
    2. Go into your extensions (via library) and delete all the blackberry extensions (.kext)
    3. then install the driver update
    4. ical then sync’ed just fine. I had to download Entourage 10.8 for it to work, but it did. I am using the blackberry pearl 8120.
    Hope this is helpful.

  24. Frank Bongiovanni


    I recommend adding your pearl to the Blue tooth favorite list. Once you have them paired go to edit port settings under “open bluetooth preferences”

    I unchecked
    [07:44:45.859] Unable to connect to BlackBerry (error 1); skipping.

    leave BlackBerry8130-BlackBer-1 checked off but edit it so it says bypass service and leave port as RS-232. Apply and close window.
    Now when you open PocketMac, adjust your connection type to serial port. Select BlackBerry8130-BlackBer-1 under the drop down menue. Hope it works!