Mobile Content Deals: Brands, Cingular Concerts and Avatars

Mobile Streams has signed a deal with El Hijo Del Santo, the Mexican wrestler, to offer “wallpapers, true tones, specially made-for-mobile videos, movies clips and animated screen savers”. El Hijo Del Santo is one of the most famous current Mexican wresters, and “son” of the most famous — El Santo. He has fans in the US and Latin America, but also Asia…especially Japan.
Victoria Secret, the epitome of naughty but nice, has gone mobile. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will include “behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive previews” on Verizon’s V Cast service. “Also, exclusively on V CAST, the top models serve as mobile hostesses as they guide V CAST subscribers through CBS’s mobile content.”
–Cingular is offering content from the Jay-Z concerts it promoted a few weeks ago. 3G users can watch exclusive live performances, as well as backstage and behind-the-scenes footage of Jay-Z, while other users can buy “exclusive live performance ringtones and Answer Tones”. That could be an effort to promote the 3G service. “Beginning next week, Cingular will also make the Jay-Z Hangar Tour live performance video and audio available for viewing and listening on MobiTV and MobiRadio, respectively. Cingular has also teamed with Napster to package the audio of the featured live performances as streaming tracks available exclusively viaNapster Mobile.”
E-tailer InPhonic has launched a series of avatars via its website. The service is called U-Doo, and “allows users to e-mail personalized avatars and messages. The avatars’ sound and image appear on mobile screens when their real-world alter egos call”. It appears to be ad-supported, with the intent being that the customers recieve the message “Sorry, your phone doesn’t support this type of download” and think “I really should get a new phone”.