@ Media Week: CSFB Day 2: Disney CFO Staggs: Disney.com May Offer Downloads; No Timetable

Durng an informal session with reporters following the CSFB lunch q-and-a, Disney CFO Tom Staggs said the company could offer downloads through the relaunched Disney.com, slated for early next year, but that no timetable has been set. When I asked when Disney would expand beyond its non-exclusive movie deal with iTunes, he repeated the company mantra about being agnostic but said adding more download partners depended on a number of factors including DRM management.
During the formal session, Staggs said those iTunes movie downloads were on pace for about $25 million in revenue the first year compared to $3 billion-plus for home video: “Every sign that we can see is that it is actually market expanding.” As an example, he offered “Cars,” which is the second-most downloaded movie on iTunes but is doing quite well on DVD. “It’s pretty clear we didn