DVDs on your mobile device with SPB Mobile DVD


Spb_mobile_dvdSPB Software House recently released SPB Mobile DVD, software that will get your legally owned DVD videos onto your mobile device. The $24.95 software will re-encode a DVD movie into either WMV or XVID formats, although WMV is native to Windows and Windows Mobile. According to Arne Hess, "On a new PC it is possible to convert a 2 hour long DVD film in about 20 minutes" which is fantastic! One of the drawbacks in early versions of similar software was the encoding time: in some cases you could have actually watched the movie on DVD in less time!

I’ll be giving the free trial a shot in the next day or two simply because the Zune supports WMV files as well. It should be a simple matter of outputting the encoded video file to a folder that I have my Zune software monitor for changes. For more info, check out the SPB Mobile DVD product page or give the 15-day trial a download. The software is supported on Windows 98, 2000, or XP and you can output your video for square screen Windows Mobile devices as well; a nice touch.


John Christian

In Norway we are fortunately allowed to copy our movies and music for personal use. I guess whats not really legal is decoding the DVD in the first place. Still I prefer products from Slysoft for these kinds of conversions – they have a very nice set of applications that takes away the fuzz of this re-encoding.

I use this especially on cartoon/animation DVD for the kids so that I can start the movie immediatly with the correct language soundtrack and dont have to go through enless copyright screens, menues, etc, which can be hard for a kid to understand.

Code E

I also have that disablity also, its called gadgeteeritis. Its seen in many neophiliacs. Its not my fault, all I can do is buy more gadgets to cope with my illness.

Keep it mobile,
Code E


> Copying DVDs may be ok under Fair Use legislation

Who’s talking about copying here anyway… ;)

I consider an app like this fair game under the Americans with Disabilities act. I am physically challenged and unable to schlepp my DVD player and big screen TV onto an airplane, and thus need to use a proprietary tool (called Portable Personal Media Player) to enjoy the video I paid for :)

Dave Zatz

There are dozens of these apps that do this conversion – they basically slap a front-end on the free ffmpeg and charge you 20-50 bucks. Most ignore the GPL and fail to mention what powers it. That’s not to say SPB falls into that category, but there are enough free apps out there that one doesn’t need to pay. (I use SPB Pocket Plus.)

FYI Copying DVDs may be ok under Fair Use legislation, but bypassing digital media copy protection violates the DMCA. I doubt anyone gets sued, but that’s how it is. ;)

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