Samsung Q1P finally has a product page


Q1_video_6The Pentium-based Samsung Q1, known as the Q1P, has finally appeared on the Samsung Q1 product page. This more powerful model of the original Q1 UMPC has previously appeared at retailer sites, so there isn’t much news here. CDW has carried the unit for some time for around $1,250: you’ll get the faster processor (1 GHz) along with a Gigabyte of RAM and a 60 GB hard drive, all increases over the original Q1. Interestingly enough, Samsung’s product page indicates that the 3-cell battery will provide up to 5 hours of battery life; the Celeron-based Q1 is rated at 3 hours and while the Pentium can "speed-step" the processor to save battery life, I’m leery on the claim, but if someone has a Q1P and can share their typical battery usage, please set me straight. Also, we heard in September that the Q1P would have an option for embedded HSDPA, but there’s no mention of that on the official product page.

Thanks to jkOTR reader Tom for the heads up!


Robert Starmer

So I have a Q1P, and all Ican say So for is that after an hour surfing via BT, with wireless still on, the battery still reads 75% and ~2 hours left.


There will be a Q1B, (the one with a via processor) available in europe with hspa “soon” that’s all I know….

Don't Panic!

I just hope the Q1P comes with the Organizer and Keyboard. Early US adopters of the orignal Q1 missed out on an expansysUK deal with the organizer and keyboard included. It’s tough being on the bleeding edge. :)

I’m pretty good with an onscreen keyboard but my hunt and peck skills are sharpened considerably with a keyboard.

William Ko

It also lists “Audio: One Mono spk (2W total)” under Features which is wrong. The Q1P has two speakers.

Kevin C. Tofel

Mike, I don’t understand as I would NEVER knowingly violate the DMCA. In fact, I applied DRM to that post — Don’t Read Me. Looks like no DRM is safe these days. ;)

Mike Cane

With this latest post about the Samsung Q, you are in direct violation of the DMCA — Disturbing Mike Cane Act.

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