Reliance Plans Gaming Cafes – Zapak Zones; Video Content Portal – Zapak.TV

Reliance ADAG has lots planned for gaming in India: Tech 2.0 reports that Reliance ADAG plans to launch exclusive gaming cafes called Zapak Zones over the next couple of years, with a pilot launch of a Zapak Zone each in 10 cities over the next quarter. Also in the works is, a video content portal with gaming news, contests, reviews and features, presented by video jockeys and gamers. currently redirects to Reliance’s casual gaming portal Zapak has tied up with 10 studios for 20 casual games a month and 2 MMOG games are also in the offing. So are Zapak Zones going to be Reliance World outlets converted into gaming zones? Sify Gamedromes have competition.
Reliance Launches Casual Gaming Portal; Ties Up With Salman Khan
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