Quicksilver Screencast Roundup


Amongst some discussions in the TAB Forums (get involved and possibly win some tasty prizes!) was a request for a listing of Quicksilver screencasts from around the web. Seemed like a good idea to me.

You can obviously find a handful here at The Apple Blog, under the Screencasts category. I’ve got 3 or 4 more in ‘working’ status, so this list will be expanding soon.

Here are a couple I’m aware of from around the rest of the internets as well:
TUAW did a Podcast recently in screencast style, and it’s all about Quicksilver and iCal. Check it out.
Insert Title Blog has 4 Quicksilver screencasts. Some good stuff there.

So those are the ones I know about. Obviously add ones I’m not aware of to the comments, and I’ll update this post accordingly. The list should keep you moderately busy and hopefully give you a better feel for Quicksilver.


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