Online Video, Hollywood-Style


Last week we had the pleasure of meeting some of our interview-subjects-to-be at a hot club in Hollywood. They kicked out Lindsay Lohan and Carmen Electra for the night and flew in the Numa Numa Kid. Awesome.

Listing the top viral videos (discounting the Daily Show, of course) is becoming a bit of a past-time. MSNBC went to marketing company The Viral Factory for its top 10 list this week, and determined the all-time winner was the Star Wars Kid, with more than 900 million views. Numa Numa was two, and Paris Hilton’s sex tape (no link, per MSNBC) three. went for the top 10 of just this year (and promised it measured across sites other than its own), finding The Evolution of Dance was the winner. And any video site worth its salt has an in-house most viewed list; Reel Pop compiles the #1s here.

But the point is, Break threw a party at this fancy club to celebrate its list of “e-lebrities,” and we went.

The party was cohosted by Nobody’s Watching, the rejected WB show that found an audience on YouTube and has since been picked up by NBC. Here’s a trippy pic of them with Matt of Where the Hell is Matt? fame, doing his signature dance.

(Matt is the guy who’s videotaped himself all over the world doing this strange spastic clog-dancing jig in front of monuments and natural wonders. Crazily enough, Stride Gum recently paid him to make a second trip around the world.)

We wandered over and met J. Crowley and Neil Punsalan, creators of The Easter Bunny Hates You (at left). Following the success of their viral video, which features a dude in a bunny suit beating people up and doing terrible things like stealing their ice cream, the two have left NBC start some sort of online video network. They promise to share the details with us soon.

That was pretty cool, but, honestly, we hadn’t seen the video before. Whereas when we heard the Numa Numa Kid, Gary Brolsma himself, was in the room, our eyes started sneaking away from our conversation to try to catch a glimpse of his chubby frame. Did he still look the same, two years later? Was he a total spaz?

Turns out, he’s pretty reserved, especially when approached by a bubbly reporter (at right). Yes, it’s funny that so many people have followed in his viral video footsteps. No, he’s not churning out webcam vids, though he did release a “New Numa” song recently. What keeps him busy? He’s been doing more promotional events, and he’s in a band with some friends at home in New Jersey. He’ll be appearing on a Discovery Channel reality show about weight loss. Awesome.


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