Introducing, NewTeeVee


Six months ago when we launched on this journey, my initial thoughts were launching three-to-five specialized blogs that were like satellites around Planet Broadband. Online video, gaming, data centers and virtual work – they were part of my larger vision of GigaOM network.

Today, we took the next step forward and launched, a site devoted to online video, and other technologies that are reinventing the video experience. (RSS Feed here!)
We also took a step back, and have sent IPNetworked on a winter break for some R&R. We are going to redesign it, and bring it back after the holidays with a focus on data centers, and their amazing transition.

We think we are a little early to the data center boom/reinvention, but better early than late. We took this decision after some of our trusted readers wrote in and pointed out that many telecom/ISP related stories should be featured on the flagship site. Your wishes are our command, and as they used to say, we are under construction… again!

But back to NewTeeVee!

TechCrunch has the skinny on NTV, but if you indulge me, I wanted to ramble for a tiny bit. The frenzy of activity around video is one of the main reasons we are starting this new blog. The torrent of news, is such that it is almost impossible to keep up with everything, and write about companies and technologies on our flagship property.

The $1.65 billion deal that sent me an diet; phone companies changing their stripes and old media companies like CBS deciding that YouTube is good for ratings — these are signs that something profound is happening.

It is a time of confusion, creation and disruption. Which means it is perfect time for a new blog devoted to what Jeff Jarvis describes as “exploding TV.” A new blog that aspires to make sense of it all, and at the same time has fun doing it. Technologies, companies, people… everything will be part of the NewTeeVee’s focus. I mean how can you not write about WallStrip, the greatest video podcast since well 88Slide (which is on a hiatus for a little while.)

The new medium is young, and restless, and fun. Like the medium, the person who we have entrusted the new effort to is you, energetic and fun. Liz Gannes is taking the lead on and she will be working with an esteemed line up of writers.

We’ll point you to hot startups, hot videos, hot pipes — tracing the talent, money, code, and data across the network. We’ll combine the signature GigaOM skepticism with a healthy sense of wonder for all the cool stuff that’s going on out there. And lots and lots of pictures and video.

Of course, I will be hovering in the background, writing for the new site, guiding it with suggestions and injecting a dose of skepticism. If you are so inclined, check out my scoop on Jaman, an online video download service that focuses on world cinema, and not Hollywood fare. It is one of the first download service that I personally have been excited about (largely because it has old skool Indian movies by the dozen.)

Here is to tee-vee, sorry I meant, NewTeeVee!

PS: In case you want to subscribe to NewTeeVee RSS Feed.


alan patrick


Nice to see you guys on board at last :)

At Broadsight we consult in this area, call it all “MyPCTV”, and blog on all this stuff on here

But to your point, yes…the tectonic plates are shifting, good piece in the Financial Times today by John Kay is also worth reading.


If NeeTeeVee, Newt, sorry, NewTeeVee, is devoted to online video, can we expect to have some vloggish features too? It would come as natural to have video spots, e.g. this very piece of news in a video format too. Just an idea. Liz?


Congrats champ. This is a much needed and anticipated vertical feed for us Broadband Video junkies. Should be a big winner.

Steve Borsch

I’ll echo the “good luck” wishes.

If I could be so bold…what would be really profound is if you brought your understanding of the infrastructure pieces to this video party. Why? I’ll tell you a quick story…

On 60 minutes this past Sunday there was that interview with NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings. A big part of it was the clear disruptor of digital downloading on NetFlix’ business and threat it poses.

NO discussion of the “clogging of the pipes.” NONE about the major increase in HD quality — and subsequent file sizes — that even a Bittorrent scheme is challenged to handle. I’m not an internet architect nor have access to big thinkers to really (and closely) examine this problem…but I’ll bet NetFlix will still be able to efficiently deliver BluRay or whatever format discs prevail more efficiently than the mail for quite some time.

There isn’t a voice of realism in the marketplace. You could be that voice.

fred wilson

i am not sure Jeff should get full credit for the exploding tv line. i think i uttered it at one of the brown bag lunches in our office in late 2004 that jeff attended.

but really who cares about that stuff :)

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