Media: Making Money On Wireless Will Take Years

Reuters has a story from its Reuters Media Summit in New York, basically quoting a lot of media execs saying that revenue from mobile content was currently just a blip on the screen, and significant revenue (from mobile video at least) wouldn’t appear for 5-10 years. It could be seen as really negative, or it could be seen as injecting a bit of realism into the debate. The good news is that everyone said they were getting into mobile and preparing for the time when it will be big, accepting its coming importance as a fact: “But he was confident wireless will eventually be important for companies such as his…”It cannot not be. There’s no way around it” said Barry Diller, CEO of Web conglomerate IAC/InterActiveCorp.
Another interesting part was a note about the Time Warner/Comcast/Sprint bids at the spectrum auction (where they spent $2.4 billion)…”But Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons said the consortium is not in a big hurry to build a network using the airwaves”. TW is planning a mobile service pretty soon though.