Zune Pass: playback on multiple PCs allowed



I got bored this morning. And when I get bored, I read things like license agreements. You remember those: the lengthy items you click "Next" on as quickly as possible? Yup, those license agreements. So over my coffee earlier today, I read through the Zune license agreement and was intrigued by a few positive bits o’ news.

Check out section 14 in the license agreement, the Content Usage Rules, as it covers all of your "multiple device" playback options. In there I found out that Zune music can be played on up to five authorized computers, much like Apple’s iTunes music. That’s good (and expected), but it gets better for those of you pay for a Zune Pass music subscription like myself.

If you pay $14.95 for unlimited music from the Zune Marketplace, you can play that music on three authorized computers and up to two Zune devices. Now that’s something that Apple simply can’t offer at this time since they don’t have a subscription service. It’s also something the Microsoft Zune marketing team might want to start highlighting. My incorrect assumption was that my Zune Pass was good for a single computer only, but my $14.95 a month gets me unlimited tunes on up to three PCs, which comes in handy when the kids steal the Zune! The way I see it: my subscription price just dropped to $5 per PC for all the music I can listen to.


Josh Einstein

That’s pretty standard for subscription services. Both Urge and Napster have been doing that also. Otherwise, there would be alot of churn as people bought new PC’s and would have to cancel and re-subscribe just to be able to even use their subscription.

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