Early Vista Tip #2: independent volume control


I absolutely love the independent volume control in Vista; it’s something that I think we should have had in XP, but no matter: it’s here in Vista and it works well if you’re into multimedia. In the screenshot above, I’m viewing "The Three Stooges" (not to be confused with Matt, James and I) in Windows Media Center. I’m really just prepping to watch some high-def football games later today, where I’ll want to mute the sound of the game and listen to music on my Zune Pass. Oh, but that’s a problem, because in XP if you mute Windows Media Center, all sound is muted from your sound device. There goes my music listening while watching football and getting some work done, right?

Not in Vista: you can see at the bottom right in my full window shot as well as the detailed Volume Mixer pic below that volume for different apps on the same sound device can be volume adjusted or muted independantly! In this shot, I’ve muted sound from Media Center so I can just watch the TV while listening to my Zune music. Most folks might miss this very usable feature, so be sure to click the "Mixer" link in your volume control within Vista for even greater control.



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