Dynamism now shipping Asus R2H


I just received word from Raphael Salgado that Dynamism is now shipping the Asus R2H UMPC.  These puppies are hard to find so if you’ve got to get your hands on one fast you should check them out.




Any chance of removing the post by “sweetbarbie” as it’s just a cheap advertisment. I hate people who do that :(

Raphael Salgado

As I understand it, many PC vendors will give a free upgrade to Windows Vista when it officially comes out, so why hold back when it’s just as a decent device with Windows XP on it? I picked up a Dell XPS M1210 notebook knowing full well that I’ll get the Home Premium edition by February 2007 through http://www.dellvistaupgrade.com.

Dave Zatz

I’m not buying anymore PCs until Vista is out. I’ll let the vendors work out the driver issues and pay for the OS on my behalf. Having said that, this ASUS unit looks pretty sweet.

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