Bookmark Bar Organization

This is more of a ‘show me yours’ type of post. Course first then, I should show you mine.

While and and other similar social bookmarking services become more and more integrated into our browsers, I continue to keep certain bookmarks locally, in a GTD-esque style. I replicate (I know, there are numerous ways to keep these things sync’d, I don’t. So sue me) this setup on each computer and each browser I use. So here it is.

At the left of the Bookmark Bar (that which is right between the tabs and the navigation tool bars) is a folder I’ve come to name, ‘svcs’. This folder holds bookmarklets that I use frequently. Think posts, GmailThis!, and so on.

Next I have a folder called ‘inspire’. This is where I drag sites that have some element or colors I really like and inspire me in one way or another.

Down the line further is a ‘REVIEW’ folder. Here are articles or products or what-have-you that I’d like to refer to for further consideration in the near future, while whatever they are, may still be relevant. (Another solution to this same idea is emailing notes or urls to a private blogger blog that I’ve named, ‘remind’. I then keep this RSS feed as a folder in my Bookmark Bar.)

The last full-time folder in the row is ‘READ’, in which are more lengthy articles and such I wish to come back to when I have more time to digest them. The REVIEW and READ folders require regular maintenance, as I don’t like them filling up too much as each week passes.

The remainder of the Bookmark Bar sports up to the moment urls that I want quick reference to very temporarily – maybe something that I want to keep at the ready while I restart Firefox or Safari, or whatever and don’t want to lose for lack of a ‘session saver’ or the like. Expanding on this idea, I may bookmark several tabs in a temp folder just for the moment…

So that’s pretty much it. It works for me and helps me keep my bookmarks under control and still easily accessible. I know it’s not quite the Apple-specific post, but I’m sure the readership here has plenty of good input for other ideas and solutions for similar setups. So, how about it? Do you know of an app I shouldn’t be missing that may be better for doing this similar thing? Or maybe just a better process?


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