Yahoo-Current Deal Already Stale?


According to Elinor Mills at CNET, Current TV and Yahoo’s recent pairing may already be nearing its end.

“Current is exploring better opportunities to distribute our content,” Current TV spokesman Alex Dolan said on Friday. He declined to elaborate.

When we first wrote about the Yahoo-Current partnership, we weren’t convinced it offered anything new. “[T]his seems to be more of the pro-am stuff we are all used to,” was our take. Two months later, the daily “Yahoo Current Buzz” appears to have just 15,634 subscribers. We just watched today’s show, a study of the life and times of a humongous rubber-band ball, including its crushing of a car.

Dolan’s comment seems to imply Current wants better distribution. Though online video may not be its strong point, who’s got better reach than Yahoo? We can only assume Current wants to join the cool kids on YouTube or MySpace.

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